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I love those Kicks! Un poquito about the founder of TOMS: Blake Mycoskie

Blake Mycoskie

Who woulda THUNK that you could “actually” learn mentally stimulating and insightful information on the E network!!? Lol. I have to be honest, I’m guilty of having a slight infatuation with the networks fashion content and coverage.

As I was watching the segment of E News washing dishes, up came the founder of TOMS. Blake Mycoskie! I abruptly stopped what I was doing and listened carefully about his story of how the TOMS movement all started.

Blake talks about going to Argentina and learning that most of the kids in the poor villages are not able to attend school simply due to the fact that the kids could not afford shoes. He wanted to originate a plan to provide these kids with a pair of shoes, but didn’t want to start a charity, rather a business that coexists with a charitable mindset. Pretty sweet, I guess? ;B

I just think the concept is cool and shows the man has somewhat of a heart? I first just loved the comfiness and look, so the basis for the creation was just an add-on. So go get some TOMS! By the way, his name is not TOM he chose the name because he thought it represented “take a step toward a better tomorrow”. He obviously couldn’t fit the word Tomorrow on the back so he just put TOMS! Ta DA!

I have RED Toms! Cantcha tell! ;D

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