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The work I’ve recently done with Toby Love & Kairos

Hey guys! I just thought it would be kinda nice to share the recent work I’ve done so you can keep an eye out and support these amazing beautiful artist! I always let you all know whats up so you all can get a more well rounded taste of my craft as a whole!

I had the marvelous opportunity to work with Urban Latin singer (ex member of the bachata group Aventura) Toby Love on his previous projects but also had the privilege of working on his new album “La Voz de la Juventud”. One of the main tracks to listen out for is Toby and Yuridia’s duet “Quizas”. I arranged and recorded all of the background vocals!

*Another to listen out for where you’ll find PIT BULL on the track! I also had the fun of being the weather girl on the “Llorar Lloviendo” album.

To listen to “Quizas” take a listen here! 

You can also buy it on Itunes!

I also, had the amazing opportunity to work with my very awesome and beautiful good friends that form the duo “Kairos”. The duo is comprised of JP Cardona and Jennifer Rodriguez. They heard a worship song I had written and produced a few years back titled “Verdad” and we spoke about possibly presenting it on their future project! Who woulda thunk!

You can hear my arrangement of background vocals on their latest album “Corro a Ti”. I feel like a proud Mama (even though we’re the same age LOL!) ! Jennifer’s voice suits it so beautifully and she definitely makes the song her own.

You can listen to the song on their latest album on Itunes! Their website is http://www.KairosMusik.com

Much Love

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